Hecate’s Opening Monologue

He calls himself Jupiter;
he used to be Zeus.
An image change was called for
after all the rapes, and especially that business with the swan.
And Pluto – his name was Hades;
Place of shades.
Pluto means “The Rich One”; “Wealthy”.
He’s certainly come up in the world;
but his home is still Hell.
there are many riches to be found in shadows —
and I respect that.
Demeter refuses to change her name;
she can’t accept
that daughter of hers, lovely Kore
is now Persephone,
Queen of the Dead.
It’s hard when your daughter changes her name.

I know. I’m Hecate —
will be —
because I’m 3 times 3;
future, past & present
maiden, mother, crone,
all exist at once in me.
I’m the future in the past.